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Frequent Questions

Femmax Has The Answers:

  • Are There Any Side-Effects?

    Femmax is completely safe and effective without any side-effects. We can say that confidently because of the extensive testing and clinical trial results. The ingredients are all organic, natural, proven components our top quality health supplement.

  • How Often Do I Take Femmax?

    We recommend taking Femmax one or two times per day, before planned sexual intercourse, depending of your needs. To amplify the effect, you should take Femmax regularly.

  • Does Femmax Work For Everyone?

    Femmax is specifically designed for women. It is not recommended for men, women who are pregnant or anyone under the age of eighteen years old. Femmax has shown excellent results in a wide variety of women with differing ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and heritage.

  • A Permanent Solution?

    Femmax is a metabolic health supplement that is consumed by your body over time. As you continue using Femmax it gradually builds up in your body and provides lasting momentum.

  • What About Privacy?

    Your privacy is very important. We understand that sexual deficiencies can be very difficult emotional obstacles. Your Femmax is discreetly shipped in plain packaging so nobody knows you ordered it unless you tell them.

  • Is Femmax In Stores?

    Femmax is only available directly from our website. We have made the decision not to participate in market sales so that we can ensure the product is properly stored from the moment it is created until the time you receive it from our supervised warehouse.

  • What About Other Brands?

    Many so-called 'knockoff' products exist and make claims to be 'like Femmax' or 'as good as Femmax.' We assure you, only Femmax uses our proprietary formula and has our extensive record of proven results. Please beware of shoddy substitutes.

  • What's The Proper Dosage?

    The proper dosage may vary depending on a large number of factors, however it is very important to note that any 'excess' is easily excreted by your body. Just as a vitamin or other organic compound is easily regulated by your natural body chemistry.

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