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How it Works

The Science Of Sex

Sexual desire can feel mysterious and magical, but in truth it is governed by exactly the same scientific research as every other anatomical process.

The first step to solving problems associated with a libido deficiency is demystifying the cause and the solution. Probably because libido is such an emotional aspect of the human psyche, many women who suffer from an unsatisfactory sex life start to believe the cause is much more complicated than it actually may be. Femmax takes a careful, measured scientific approach to sexual challenges and uses a formula of proven components to solve each of them.

Scientific research, detailed case studies, extensive clinical trials and major advances in medical science allow our world class formula to benefit from numerous modern breakthroughs. However, many of the ingredients found in Femmax are organic components that have been used for centuries with positive results. Combining the best benefits of a modern approach and historically effective compounds is the secret to Femmax extraordinary success helping women overcome sexual deficiencies.

Stimulating Receptors

Restarting your libido begins with a balanced supplement of nutritious ingredients that restore your sexual urges and heighten the intensity of your natural romantic desires. Femmax lights the fuse and initiates a chain-reaction of metabolic queues to set you on a more positive trajectory toward emotional intimacy and physical release.

Sexual stimulation comes from a complex symphony of senses. Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste work together to stimulate a strong urge in your mind. Femmax enhances your sense of stimulation adding greater intensity to foreplay.

Improving Transmission

Most feminine sexual obstacles stem from an inefficient transmission of metabolic stimuli within the body. At a biochemical level it's as simple as getting the right fuel to your sexual motor at the precise time when you need it the most. The power to overcome sexual dissatisfaction is already inside you, Femmax simply unlocks your passion and enhances your performance.

If you have a strong motor powering a vehicle, but the explosive energy being released never gets to the wheels, the car will make lots of noise without ever moving forward. Femmax improves the physical transmission of metabolic stimuli so the urges you feel are able to manifest more easily.

Building Momentum

Now that you are finally enjoying a renewed sexual intensity and reaching the intimate goals you set for yourself, having Femmax allows you to shrug off nagging confidence issues and regressive carnal behaviors. Every new capsule of Femmax reinforces the results you have already earned and strengthens the momentum of your rapid sexual recovery.

As a key nutritional supplement, the positive effect of Femmax increases over time and creates a resonating effect on your sexual libido - compounding itself and giving you the confidence needed to allow you to fully relax and enjoy your partner.

Did You Know?

  • 58% of women are sexually dissatisfied

  • Femmax improves your orgasms in 30 minutes

  • 75% of women do not orgasm from intercourse alone

  • Femmax works for women of all ages

  • You have the power to overcome sexual frustration

Longer Stronger Urges

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